Wednesday, 26 October 2011


happiness.. its hard to reach.. and easy to fill.. as long we dont give up as one..

dont feel ludicrous.. Allah love just who we are.. being grateful with who we are 

NOW... Allah gave us what we need... we should say 'Alhamdullilah'.. Allah put us 

in miserable.. we should say ''Alhamdullilah'' theres a light within the dark.. but 

hey.. we survive.. enough drinks...  and now 

''ALHAMDULLILAH'' because Allah heard my pray..and let me fix what should i've 

done decade ago.. chance to be better person.. and opportunity to prove whats 

wrong to be right :) for me,thats the meaning of happiness i felt rite now.. easy 

to survive... have a high exp.. not too high of coz.. cuz it'll let u down ..just be in 

mid.. have a positive thoughts.. then walla.. that should be rite.. dont u all think 

u should say ''Alhamdullilah''now? ''Alhamdullilah''with the happiness Allah gave 

us no matter what u are now.. rite now.. and always be >.< 

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